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Income Properties

During turbulent economic times, income generating properties are always a respectable, trustworthy investment option to achieve steady income and potential future capital gains. After the major price declines experienced during the last three years and the decrease in the value of rental contracts by 40 – 70%, the new reality of the Romanian Real Estate market provides a number of excellent properties with very promising characteristics that are worth our attention.

These properties can be:

  • Office building
  • Commercial space
  • Commercial gallery
  • Big box retail
  • Land leased to a AAA tenant
  • Package of apartments
  • Villa
  • Other opportunities that can produce a steady income

Our company is focused on income properties, considering them as one of the best “anti-crisis” solutions for investors. We have advised / brokered a large number of transactions, and we have the necessary experience to reliably assist you to identify the property and resolve any issues until the sealing of the deal.

In a market that is full of “offers” we carefully, case by case, scrutinize each property and only select and propose to our clients the ones that pass through our initial due diligence.

Some of our criteria include

  • Location of the property
  • Exposure and visibility
  • Current and potential future usage
  • Income value
  • Is the lease agreement updated to today’s market conditions?
  • Property taxes
  • >Rental agreement details
  • Tenant’s profile
  • Cancelation of current rental agreement options
  • Access and transportation means
  • The synergy between built, useful and rentable surface
  • Facilities and utilities
  • Countered consumptions
  • Parking and additional services
  • Expenses (other than specific activity)

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