Commercial spaces

The Romanian High Street commercial spaces market is very demanding and complicated, predominantly due to the small number of available properties that are on offer. Only a few thousand of them exist in Bucharest and some hundreds in the other major Romanian cities. This market segment is affected by different factors than the rest of the real estate market and is the one that experiences the fastest and greatest changes in the country.

To extend our in-depth expertise about commercial spaces, we have conducted 3 major market studies:

  • The first one, published in 2010, verified the evolution of prices for High Street Retail in 40 boulevards of Bucharest during 2008 – 2010.
  • The second one, due to be published in 2011, will contain a wealth of more information regarding the market in the capital and other major Romanian cities.
  • The latest one, published in October 2011, is focused on Lipscani area, the old district of Bucharest which has become a major pole of attraction lately.

Apart from these 3 studies, other more focused ones are in our pipeline as well.

Our unparalleled knowledge of Bucharest coupled with our network of reliable collaborators, enable us to advise and suggest to you an impressive portfolio of offers. Having studied the thousands of properties and the way that these form several interconnected microeconomic networks in the commercial sector in Bucharest and other major cities, allow us to go beyond the mere “announcement” that a property is available, but to carefully select and propose a property, taking into consideration all the parameters that are specific to your own business plan.

Some of our criteria include:

  • Location of the property
  • Exposure and visibility
  • Current usage
  • Income value
  • Is the lease agreement updated to today’s market conditions?
  • Property taxes
  • Rental agreement details
  • Cancelation of current rental agreement options
  • Similar rented and vacant properties in the area
  • Access and transportation means
  • The synergy between built, useful and rentable surface
  • Facilities and utilities
  • Countered consumptions
  • Parking and additional services
  • Expenses (other than specific activity)

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