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A results oriented team by your side

Our extensive real estate experience has allowed us to develop a high level of understanding for an asset and a better comprehension of the present changes in the real estate marketplace.

MORE’s consulting team covers the whole spectrum of real estate services, from evaluating large portfolios to single property analyses and identification of real estate related assets. We can assist/ be involved in all stages of a transaction, as well as with “after sales services”.

  • Consultancy
  • Acquisitions
  • Sale & Lease
  • “Tailor made” consulting for investors
  • “One Stop Shop” for new investors

Some of our services:

  • General Market analysis
  • “Best to use” analysis
  • Asset positioning or re-positioning
  • Property specific feasibility studies
  • Creation of the client’s investment profile
  • Participation on the client’s investment strategy building
  • Letters of opinion for investors
  • Business consulting
  • Crisis management and anti crisis solutions
  • Strategic planning and opportunities
  • Company take-over and restructuring
  • Commercial consultancy

Our experienced Real Estate specialists can assist investors in Property Acquisitions and Partnerships by:

  • Identifying all appropriate investment opportunities, according to client’s investment strategy
  • Analysis of market conditions and financial considerations
  • Structuring the potential investments
  • Correctly documented business proposals of chosen properties
  • Choice of properties, based on client’s described criteria and priorities
  • Direct negotiation and mediation, when requested.
  • Handling the “miscellaneous procedures” after an agreement is sealed and until the final contract to be signed
  • Management of real estate transaction related activities
  • Identifying financing solutions
  • Property management, upon request
Sale & Lease

Through our services we can ensure that before selling, buying or renting-out, your property complies with the latest current legislation and your described criteria. If you consider selling, buying or renting your property, let our experience and knowledge work in your benefit.


We will agree on a marketing plan designed to achieve the best possible price within the available timescales and according to the market conditions. We are able to offer you a whole package of additional services to sustain this plan.


We will focus on your investment strategy and implement it to Romania’s current market status. We offer a whole package of additional services to support your strategy.


We can offer you client-oriented consultancy and carefully chosen properties to choose from, in order to help you lease the space that suits your expectations. We guide you through legal issues and give professional advice about any possible problem that might occur.

Looking for a property to sell?
Interested in buying a property?
Searching for a space to lease?
“Tailor made” consulting for investors
An honest professional opinion is always needed

Our consultants worked on a large amount of real estate transactions over the past years and can easily perform a wide range of advisory services to owners and corporations:

  • Acquisition strategy building and scheduling; advising on time frames, targets and execution
  • Searching and finding the “right” property
  • Assistance with structuring and negotiation
  • Diligence and legal documentation necessary to complete the financing arrangement (if needed)
  • Other requested services related to Real Estate, in order to solve any issue that might appear
“One Stop Shop” for new investors

Because the future success needs solid foundation in the very beginning

Are you just entering on Romanian market? Are you confused by the number of professionals you have to collaborate with and the services you need to use or not? MORE is here for you! We offer all services required for a good understanding, knowledge and management of the local market environment.

Together with our collaborators, we are able to provide you with:

  • Real Estate Tours and Market Overviews
  • Setting up of new companies
  • Headquarters for your new company / relocating the existing ones
  • Receiving and forwarding to you all the correspondence regarding your new company
  • Financial assistance and accounting
  • Legal
  • Advising across all real estate sectors

Find out MORE about these services and ask for any additional one, please use the contact form below to contact us!

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