Your investment in Romanian Renewable Energy requires solutions to every challenge

A “client oriented procedure”: 4 steps for a successful deal

Step 1: Understanding the investor's needs.

Step 2: NDA in order to maintain privacy over the course of the collaboration. 

Step 3: 12 questions directed to the owner and a strict pre due diligence procedure, meant to identify every aspect of the project.

Step 4: Ongoing feedback and replies to all questions that could appear along the way.

From the initial interest to a successful investment

  • Through a large network of collaborators, MORE Green Energy holds a wide range of renewable energy projects in its portfolio that cover all four segments: wind, solar, hydro and biomass.
  • Projects are carefully selected through a diligent procedure.
  • The project owners receive a list of 12 questions to answer. 
  • This leads to the first phase of a due diligence process (with several important documents being collected) in order to identify the project's real potential and avoid lost time and unexpected surprises.
  • Our professional presentations focus on what investors consider important.
  • They contain information strictly related to their demands 
  • The investor is free to ask any question  necessary for him to clarify important issues regarding the project. We make sure that he receives a clear reply as well.
  • MORE Green Energy guarantees the ongoing feedback and replies for all potential additional inquiries.
  • Once everything is clear and the investor wishes to proceed, a Letter of Intent is requested. This is followed by negotiations and the final due diligence by the investor's experts.
  • If everything is in order, the deal can be signed.

Available upon request:

  • Memo for the approved subvention scheme for Renewable Energy in Romania
  • Business Plans
  • Additional consulting services
  • Memo for the Romanian Renewable Energy Development Green Certificates
  • Cross-checked portfolio of Renewable Energy projects, updated twice per month

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