The no.1 Retail Real Estate exhibition will organize the conference titled: “Romania 2012-2014. The New Era of Romanian Retail”

The Romanian Retail Real Estate market will be analyzed for the first time during MAPIC, the no.1 Retail Real Estate exhibition. This will take place during a conference relating to the retail segment in Romania, on the 17th of November, titled “Romania 2012-2014. The New Era of Romanian Retail”.

The topics under discussion will include:

  • Consumption GDP rose during 2011. Can Romania be considered a rising economy again?
  • The pipeline of many new developments and the differences compared to the past
  • How do existing Malls reply to the competition?
  • Is there still room to grow in the following years?
  • How do retailers see these new developments?

MAPIC has honored Mr. Ilias Papageorgiadis, CEO of MORE Real Estate Services, with the role of moderator of the panel. The speakers chosen are 3 top professionals and well-known players that are, currently, active in the Romanian Retail segment:

  • Mr. Ali Ergun Ergen, CEO of Baneasa Shopping City
  • Mr. Christopher Shonn, CEO of Argus
  • Mr. Sony Mordechai, Chairman and CEO of Global Eye Investments

* the conference will take place in the Agora Room, at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

The discussion goal is to present to retailers and investors alike the potential of the Romanian market and to offer objective reasons as to why Romania should be considered an important market for new players.

MAPIC is the no. 1 Retail Real Estate exhibition. It brings together retail and real estate leaders to forge partnerships, promote investments and reunite the industry. MAPIC 2010 attracted over 7,400 participants. MAPIC boasts an unparalleled scale of opportunities via its business area, programme of conferences, onsite networking events and online community. Last year, MAPIC saw a 30% surge in retail attendance. 2,000 retailers across a wide range of categories gathered to find partners and spaces while gaining key insights on strategies and best practices. With big names attracting impressive projects and substantial investment euros, 2011 promises even more opportunity.