The “Real Estate is Good” campaign surpassed its target but the work goes on

Logo "Real estate is good" campaignOn 30th of June 2011, the social and professional campaign “Real Estate is Good” has concluded. The project that started on May 9th succeeded in surpassing the target of 500 signatures and also motivated many people in Romania to see and analyze Real Estate in a new light and understand why it is good and very important in our lives. Out of the 500 signatures, 60% came from Romanians and 70% of all voters were real estate professionals. The biggest number of votes come from Bucharest (40%), followed by: Timisoara, Brasov, Constanta and Cluj.

The “Real Estate is Good” campaign was meant as a positive initiative looking to inform and change people’s perceptions about the Romanian real estate segment.  Up to this point, both professionals from the real estate industry and construction segment and members of society at large have joined this campaign.
The promotion was made through 3 different events (in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara), social networks and other means of communication and it has achieved its principal target. It also became a point of reference for other projects that will follow, as there are many people who share the same values and ideas about Real Estate in Romania.
Ilias Papageorgiadis: “Target achieved! Now let us focus on education!”

However, over the course of the campaign everyone’s question has been: “What’s next?”

The answer came from an unexpected, but logical place in any modern society: EDUCATION.  After all, without true know how and a stable academic environment in which the professionals of tomorrow can be formed, how can we ever hope that Romanian real estate will evolve past the state of amateurism and towards a stable and professional business environment?
The real estate academic opportunities in Romania aren't many but they exist in the form of two masters: The Economy of Real Estate Properties – started by Univ. Prof. Dr. Ion Anghel (Program Director) at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) and The Administration and Evaluation of Real Estate Properties – lead by  Conferentiar dr. Ciprian Sipos at Universitatea de Vest (UVT), in Timisoara. The two professors are head of Master and other educational programs for Real Estate, important official sources of education for everyone seeking an education in the field and access to the Real Estate industry with the proper level of knowledge.
About this initiative, Ilias Papageorgiadis, promoter of the “Real Estate is Good” campaign has said:
“We mean to support these two Master programs led by Univ. Prof. dr. Ion Anghel and  Conferentiar dr. Ciprian Sipos and actively try to raise awareness for these projects though the following channels:  
  • Internship in serious companies that are active in the Romanian Real Estate market. We will try to put together a list of companies who will choose graduates to work for them, in order to show students that through the proper education they can open many doors if they are ambitious enough, want to work hard and follow a set of principles and achieve their goals in this competitive market.
  • Volunteer work by members and friends of our campaign, who have expressed their wish to support serious projects and ideas that will improve our market and create a better environment for our future activities.
Our target is to attract a minimum of 20 serious companies and 10 volunteers to support the two Master programs. In this mission we welcome anyone else who wants to get involved and bring his expertise to this common endeavor.”
* Although the campaign has officially ended, the 2 sites and will remain active for anyone who wants to join at a later date. The ideas and proposals that our members send will be analyzed and promoted in order to be heard by a greater audience and decision makers involved.